Our Journey So Far


Bio Technical is an extension of work carried out by a team of dedicated professional, which, supported by partnerships with leading scientific establishments, has developed and tested the technology for recycling bio-waste by cultures of bacteria and microalgae.

In addition to the financing of technical and scientific programs, investments to date have include a pilot installation in the United Arab Emirates, in a vast area within a large farm.

The pilot installation produces daily biogas for kitchens and an algal biostimulant that, when spread, allows crops to resist water stress and provides them with all the nutrients they cannot find in arid soil.

Research Outcomes


The core products of the systems we have developed are organic, food grade microalage that are used extensively throughout the world.

As part of the pilot project, we have been able to separate CO2 from methane and used it as one of the core inputs for growing the microalgae.

With the need for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and reduce fines from emissions, we are able to provide a solution that captures CO2 emissions and use it to create a valuable end product.  This solution completely changes a cost (both to the environment and commercially) into a revenue.

The Core Team

Francis Doherty
Francis DohertyCEO
Francis has developed environmental technology solutions for over 10 years and has been in the Middle East for 15 years.
Pierre Tauzinat
Pierre TauzinatTechnical Lead
Pierre has been at the forefront of microalgae commercial development for over 20 years.
Industry Solutions